my style

“Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” William Cowper

Everyone’s taste is deliciously different, and I agree with the poet, Mr Cowper, who first said that variety is the very spice of life. So much so that I often struggle to select just one or two items from the menu while I’m out for a meal. Ideally, I’d like a bite of every dish on the menu please. (A million thank-yous to the genius person who invented the degustation menu!)

While there’s something very special and formal about sharing a sit-down meal at a celebration, to champion my passion for variety, informal cocktail party celebrations are my favourite style of eating and sharing food, and is the style of catering that sassy bites specialises in.

It is still fashionable for great cooks to spend hours creating the perfect bite-sized manicured morsels that look too good to eat. While I have a great appreciation for this style of impressive canapé catering, I prefer to take a more practical approach.