Sally Milford is Sassy Bites

I love cooking and love being cooked for. My favourite books are cook books. I love trying and tweaking new recipes, and making the ones I really love again and again. I have a terrible memory for detail and often decide while I’m out and about that I want to cook something in particular and wish I could channel all my cook books or recipe scribbles, so I’m planning over time to pop my favourites up here so I can use this as a bit of a reference site. 

Recently but more specifically in the last year, I have realised that in addition to the joy and instant gratification I get from eating really tasty food, the longer-term positive effects of fuelling my body with predominately natural, fresh, clean whole foods are really quite amazing. So I find myself experimenting more and more with this ‘healthy’ style of cooking with ‘real’ food.

I also love travelling and the luxury of holidays where you have a valid excuse for being cooked for again and again, but some of my best travel food memories have been when for whatever reason, my travel buddy/s and I cook for ourselves. Whether that be because we’ve been on the road / had the facilities at hand to cook ourselves (camper-vanning road trips / house stays), or if we have been somewhat unexpectedly disappointed with the local food (Rome).

I think the joy of food should be shared and that there should be no secret recipes when it comes to food. If I’ve cooked something for you that you’d like to make let me know and I’ll pop the recipe up. All the photos you see are of my food, and all the recipes are tried and tested. Some of my recipes have a little story behind them. Some have no story other than that they taste good.

So enjoy, share, and if you love tasty food, need to feed a group of people but just can’t be bothered cooking, check out my little catering business, sassy bites.

bon appétit!