banana, coconut & blueberry pancakes


Tomorrow is Pancake Day, also known as 'Shrove Tuesday' or 'Fat Tuesday', which is a tradition dating back to the 12th Century which falls on the day before the Christian fasting period of 'Lent' begins. It first started as a [...]

banana, coconut & blueberry pancakes2019-05-19T04:57:10+00:00

mini smoked salmon, fetta & chive frittatas


Recently I was asked for "something quick, easy and healthy I can make for brunch that doesn't involve sandwiches". I think this one's a winner as it's so simple and only has 5 ingredients (including pepper!). Every now and then [...]

mini smoked salmon, fetta & chive frittatas2019-05-19T04:57:10+00:00

bacon & egg brekki pies


I still think bacon and eggs for brekki is a bit of a treat. And as nice as it is to just keep it simple in a '1 pan' fashion and whack it on some toast, when friends are over [...]

bacon & egg brekki pies2019-05-16T10:49:05+00:00