honey & cinnamon hot cross buns with cranberries & dark chocolate


In the past, for me, hot cross buns always fell into the same sad category as fruit cake, marmalade and the dreaded 'mince pies' - collectively rejected due to one little overpowering ingredient which, in my opinion, once removed, belongs nowhere but [...]

honey & cinnamon hot cross buns with cranberries & dark chocolate2019-05-19T04:57:10+00:00

cauliflower ‘rice’


My favourite veges are those I like the taste of raw. Cauliflower isn't one of my favourite vegetables. But due to its mind 'nothingy' taste, it's great to carry other flavours, and in this recipe, for its 'rice-like' texture when [...]

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ginger & leatherwood honey cookies


My friend La and I recently spent the weekend in the Central-West NSW rural town of Orange, to escape the city, pick some cherries, eat good food, taste some wine, and just have a bit of a break in this [...]

ginger & leatherwood honey cookies2019-05-19T04:57:10+00:00

mini smoked salmon, fetta & chive frittatas


Recently I was asked for "something quick, easy and healthy I can make for brunch that doesn't involve sandwiches". I think this one's a winner as it's so simple and only has 5 ingredients (including pepper!). Every now and then [...]

mini smoked salmon, fetta & chive frittatas2019-05-19T04:57:10+00:00

ajvar – roast capsicum relish


I'm a pretty big fan of condiments. Having a bit of a restricted diet means I need to be creative with making healthy food packed with flavour. This classic Serbian dish (pronounced 'ay-va') is known as 'Serbian vegetable caviar'. I've [...]

ajvar – roast capsicum relish2019-05-19T04:57:10+00:00

quinoa sushi with easy pickled ginger


Traditionally, pickled ginger is eaten between dishes of sushi to help cleanse the palate. Ginger also has antiseptic properties, and was originally intended to be eaten with sushi to counter-act the ill effects of bad fish. I make up a [...]

quinoa sushi with easy pickled ginger2019-05-19T04:57:11+00:00

bacon & egg brekki pies


I still think bacon and eggs for brekki is a bit of a treat. And as nice as it is to just keep it simple in a '1 pan' fashion and whack it on some toast, when friends are over [...]

bacon & egg brekki pies2019-05-16T10:49:05+00:00

corn fritters


Who doesn't love a good corn fritter?! But let's be honest. There are a lot of average corn fritters out there gracing brekki menus. I think it's important to have (at least) 1 great vegetarian dish up your sleeve for [...]

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