seedy, nutty ‘no-knead’ bread


  The 'easy' food that I miss the most since dodging the gluten and grains is bread. I once heard someone say that there’s no food they can think of that isn't improved when served between 2 slices of bread; and I [...]

seedy, nutty ‘no-knead’ bread2020-01-12T04:06:09+00:00

ANZAC ‘Remembrance’ cookies


  When I was a little girl and up until late in high school, each ANZAC Day the family would all get up early and Mum would pin a piece of fresh rosemary to our collars - for remembrance*. We'd [...]

ANZAC ‘Remembrance’ cookies2020-01-12T04:08:57+00:00

honey & cinnamon hot cross buns with cranberries & dark chocolate


    In the past, for me, hot cross buns always fell into the same sad category as fruit cake, marmalade and the dreaded 'mince pies' - collectively rejected due to one little overpowering ingredient which, in my opinion, once removed, belongs [...]

honey & cinnamon hot cross buns with cranberries & dark chocolate2020-04-09T01:42:07+00:00
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