Informal cocktail party celebrations are my favourite style of eating and sharing food, and is the style of catering that Sassy Bites specialises in.


I believe that the only ingredients required to become a confident cook are a bit of spare time, cook books and a healthy appetite. My first three years of full time work was for a catering company in Sydney, planning and supervising events at two of Sydney’s favourite restaurants. It was here that I developed a deep appreciation for the importance of food at events, and the joy good and hearty food brings at celebrations.

To me, cooking for other people is a great privilege. Being able to carefully control the ingredients, the cooking method and the way the food is presented and served whilst acknowledging other people’s trust to eat what I have prepared, is such an honour.

I genuinely love the whole catering experience; from designing a menu to fit within the style of your event, your guests and your budget, to taking my time to source the best quality ingredients, to prepping and cooking, and most of all serving at your event. I believe you can taste the mood of the cook in their food, so there’s nothing in my menus that I don’t love cooking.


Everyone’s taste is deliciously different, and I agree with the poet, William Cowper, who first said that ‘variety is the very spice of life’. So much so that I often struggle to select just one or two items from the menu while I’m out for a meal. Ideally, I’d like a bite of every dish on the menu please. (A million thank-yous to the genius person who invented the degustation menu!)

While there’s something very special and formal about sharing a sit-down meal at a celebration, to champion my passion for variety, informal cocktail party celebrations are my favourite style of eating and sharing food, and is the style of catering that Sassy Bites specialises in.

It is still fashionable for great cooks to spend hours creating the perfect bite-sized manicured morsels that look too good to eat. While I have a great appreciation for this style of impressive canapé catering, I prefer to take a more practical, rustic, hearty approach.

While my style is creative, my menu does not pretend to make any culinary breakthroughs – rather it offers a rich variety of no-fuss, real-food suggestions based on what people love. If there’s something you love that’s not on the menu, let me know and I’ll create a special version for your event.


My ingredient choices are in line with my personal preferences when cooking for myself and my friends and family. I choose to cook with fresh, quality, real ingredients sourced from local, ethical suppliers whenever possible. The majority of my fruit, vegetables and herbs are sourced from my garden, local farmers’ markets or organic home-delivery services, depending on availability.

I choose grass-fed meat and butter, and endeavour to source all seafood from sustainably-responsible fish-mongers. Poultry and eggs are from happy, free-range chickens, and I usually prefer to cook with full-fat dairy.

Pantry products are selected based on quality, as minimally processed as possible with minimal refined sugar.


I believe food is enjoyed at least three times. Firstly the anticipation, secondly the presentation and thirdly the consumption.

Anticipation of food enjoyment is driven mainly by expectations and hunger, and can be heightened by smell. Heating or preparing aromatic food at the site of your event will increase the anticipation for your guests. The relevance of our smell is less obvious, but we need it to fully enjoy food, which becomes apparent when we have a cold and can not taste what we’re eating.

The importance of presentation, I think is much easier to control. If food is aesthetically pleasing, this helps the other senses start to anticipate an enjoyable experience. My platters and garnishes are tastefully underplayed to emphasise the main event – the food!


I think the joy of food should be shared and that there should be no secret recipes when it comes to food. If you or any of my guests would love to recreate anything from the menu served at your event, just ask! I’d be happy to share my recipes.

I am in the process of adding all my favourite recipes to the MY RECIPES page and when another cook has inspired one of my recipes, credits have been provided. All the photos on this site are of my food, and all the recipes are tried and tested.

I encourage you to share any of my recipes that you like, and if you use my recipe as inspiration for your own, I respectfully request that you also provide credit where credit’s due. Please subscribe below to receive my new recipes via email.

If you try any of my recipes, I’d love for you to post some feedback – good or constructive – it’s all appreciated! If you’ve tasted something of mine that you like and you can’t find the recipe for it on my site, please feel free to contact me to request the recipe – I’m always flattered to be asked and happy to share.