[gf] = gluten free options available  |  [df] = dairy free options available

all prices are per confirmed guest



  • cherry tomato, pesto & baby bocconcini bites [gf]
  • tuna bites in crispy bread cases
  • mini chicken parmesan pies
  • parmesan and paprika puff twists
  • Vietnamese coconut chicken salad served on prawn crackers [gf] [df]
  • herb pikelets w gorgonzola walnut crème fraiche, pear & chives [gf]
  • zucchini and haloumi fritters w Greek yoghurt & lemon [gf]
  • cucumber rounds w wasabi mayonnaise, smoked salmon & dill [gf [df]
  • double-decker ham and cheese mini tea sandwiches


  • rustic tartlets w homemade basil pesto, tomato & bocconcini [gf]
  • corn fritters topped w crème fraiche & homemade onion jam [gf [df]
  • crunchy Thai chicken balls w sweet chilli sauce [gf [df]
  • pork & garlic chive gyoza w ponzu dipping sauce [df]
  • spinach, ricotta and herb puff triangles w garlic & herb aioli
  • caramelised red onion, thyme & feta tartlets
  • mini chicken skewers w homemade satay & kaffir lime leaves [gf] [df]
  • three cheese pizza wheels w prosciutto, balsamic and thyme



  • torched fresh fig (seasonal) and gorgonzola tartlets w vincotto
  • fresh king prawns w lemon wedges & garlic aioli [gf] [df]
  • mini frittatas w smoked salmon, feta & chives [gf]
  • Peking duck pancakes w shallot, cucumber, hoi sin & roasted sesame seeds[df]
  • crispy baguette rounds w rare roast beef, horseradish cream & roast capsicum [df]


  • slow-cooked chipotle beef w tangy avocado salsa on corn tortillas
  • pulled pork & spicy coleslaw sliders [df]
  • mini beef burgers w homemade relish, pickles & Swiss cheese
  • steamed fish curry shots w fried shallots & fresh herbs [gf] [df]
  • chicken & herb risotto balls w mozzarella centres [gf]
  • lamb korma on mini papadums topped w yoghurt, mango chutney & coriander [gf]
  • roasted jalapeño king prawns wrapped in prosciutto w garlic aioli


Assorted platters including a variety of antipasto dishes:

  • mini pizza squares [gf]
  • marinated olives
  • assorted cheeses
  • gourmet dips
  • crackers [gf]
  • chicken liver pâté
  • tomato, bocconcini & basil bites
  • saucy meat balls
  • hot smoked salmon
  • prosciutto-wrapped grissini sticks
  • marinated mushrooms
  • fresh fruit
  • chocolate



  • Vietnamese coconut chicken salad – w mint, roast peanuts & prawn crackers [gf] [df]
  • jewelled wild rice – w tomatoes, fresh herbs, craisons and walnuts [gf] [df]


  • Thai chicken curry – w coconut & Asian shallots served on red rice [gf, df]
  • paprika chicken – w cauliflower ‘rice’ and fresh picked herbs [gf] [df]
  • Malaysian beef curry – w saffron rice, mango chutney & mini poppadom [gf] [df]
  • slow-cooked lamb – w roast garlic mash and crisp green beans [gf] [df]
  • fresh pesto pasta – w roast cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozarella, parmesan & parsley [gf]
  • 3 mushroom risotto – w fresh herbs, rocket, parmesan & balsamic [gf]
  • Japanese steamed egg custard – w scallop & mushroom [gf] [df]

Bowl items are served in bowls or Chinese boxes w teaspoons or chopsticks.


sweet canapés | $3

  • tri-colour chocolate dipped strawberries [gf]
  • warm grape fritters w cinnamon sugar
  • choc – almond butter ‘reeses’ cups [gf] [df]
  • baci chocolates
  • chocolate truffles
  • ‘home made’ ginger and honey cookies

gourmet sweet canapés | $4

  • cake pops
  • Kahlua hot chocolate shots
  • mini choc-hazelnut mousse w dark chocolate shavings
  • mini coconut crème caramel w toasted coconut & lime
  • mini gourmet cupcakes (POA)


drop-off menu

  • Should you like to take all the credit for the food (and save a little money!), please ask me about my drop-off options which can be prepared in advance and delivered to your door for you to simply re-heat (if necessary), arrange and serve at your event.
  • You can use your own platters or serving plates, or hire light white melamine platters for a small additional charge.

special requirements

  • As someone who has food intolerances and sensitivities, I’m very aware of the need to adjust the menu and am mindful of my ingredients to suit your guests’ special diets, tastes and preferences.
  • A complete list of ingredients for each item is available to you and your guests at your event on request, and please let me know in advance of any special dietary requirements so I can ensure that the menu or part of is suitable for everyone.
  • My particular specialities include vegetarian, paleo, JERF, LCHF, keto, dairy-free (lactose intolerant) and gluten-free (coeliac) menus.