salsa verde (green sauce)


  Flavour-wise, salsa verde is like pesto on steroids. A classic, rustic, Italian sauce usually served cold, I find it's usually pretty interchangeable with pesto, and often a preferable 'lighter' alternative as it's dairy free (i.e. no parmesan). Like pesto, [...]

salsa verde (green sauce)2020-01-12T04:11:25+00:00

ricotta fritters with rich tomato sauce & fresh zucchini salad


  This quick and easy vegetarian lunch/dinner was adapted from Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals. I love Jamie Oliver, think his 30 minutes meals are awesome and more recently his 15 minute meals - genius. Sure, it'll take you and [...]

ricotta fritters with rich tomato sauce & fresh zucchini salad2020-01-12T04:27:32+00:00

(proper) minty peas


    As a general rule, I try to limit buying food in jars mostly because they're generally packed with sugar, salt and other preservatives, but also because there's often an easy and much tastier 'do-it-yourself' version. If there's one [...]

(proper) minty peas2020-01-12T05:06:55+00:00
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