ajvar – roast capsicum relish


  I'm a pretty big fan of condiments. Having a bit of a restricted diet means I need to be creative with making healthy food packed with flavour. This classic Serbian dish (pronounced 'ay-va') is known as 'Serbian vegetable caviar'. [...]

ajvar – roast capsicum relish2020-01-12T04:35:35+00:00

quick & easy (no-whisk) mayor


  The formula for making mayonnaise sounds quite easy: "slowly beat oil into egg until an emulsion forms...", until you get to the desired outcome: "...where the oil molecules are uniformly dispersed in the egg and suspend there". Hmmm. I've [...]

quick & easy (no-whisk) mayor2020-01-12T04:37:08+00:00

(proper) minty peas


    As a general rule, I try to limit buying food in jars mostly because they're generally packed with sugar, salt and other preservatives, but also because there's often an easy and much tastier 'do-it-yourself' version. If there's one [...]

(proper) minty peas2020-01-12T05:06:55+00:00
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